What’s New – Week Ending 5/19/12

By BoW Admin | Enhancements
19 May 2012

General Updates

  • You may now use either your user name (as you always have) OR your email address to log in

Blog Theme Updates (the look and feel of your blog)

All themes

  • Fixed issue with pagination (previously, when reader clicked next page, they were seeing the same posts again)
  • The link edit your user profile from the Author Info box on your posts is now fixed

Beauty theme

  • Nothing additional

Color Paper

  • Added all Purpose Journal functionality
  • Added Author Info and Related Posts functionality
  • Added standard BoW links in sidebar
  • Lightened up the font color of the comments to improve readability

Diary theme

  • Nothing additional

Notepad Chaos theme

  • Fixed issue with the ‘About’ navigation button link (it now points appropriately to the ‘About Me’ page
  • Updated home page to include posts from the ‘Lessons’ purpose journal
  • ‘Lessons’ purpose journal main page by removing unneeded values for authors and genres (which were carried over from the ‘Book Reviews’ purpose journal

Community Feature Enhancements

Recent Posts Page

The Recent Posts page is found on the main BoW site, under the “The Community” menu.

The following updates have been made:

  • Post date is now reflective of the current user’s time zone
  • Each post now indicates whether the post comes from a new blog – welcome these brothers and sisters in Christ with a comment!

New Community Pages

  • None this week

Blogging Enhancements

Admin Bar

The Admin Bar is the bar that appears across the top of your browser when you are logged into Beginning of Wisdom.

The following changes have been made:

  • None this week


The Dashboard is where you manage your blog’s content.

The following changes have been made:

  • None this week

User Profile

Your user profile can be found from your Dashboard menu under Users > Your Profile.

The following updates have been made:

  • None this week

Purpose Journals

Purpose Journals are specific types of posts, with more focused features and organization. We hope that you are blessed through the feature.

New Purpose Journals:

  • None this week, but we have some ideas 🙂

Updated Purpose Journals:

  • None this week

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