Mission and Vision

Our Mission, Our Ministry

The Beginning of Wisdom mission is to foster relationships with Christ. To achieve this mission, our ministry is focused on encouraging consistent journaling of faith, as well as fellowship and mentorship within the Beginning of Wisdom community. We do this by providing an online blog platform, built by Christians, specifically for Christians, providing a uniquely Christian blogging and community experience.

Our Vision

The Beginning of Wisdom vision is a vibrant community of Christians focused on learning from God and from each other. We envision this learning taking place in the form of blogging (journaling) our walk with Christ and mentoring others through commenting of their blog posts. There are many dynamic community-oriented features planned. This is a place for Christians to uplift other Christians and support each others walk.

Current Focus

Our current focus is on building the foundation for our vision. It starts with a Christian blogging platform, and will be extended to offer robust community features. We want to clearly hear the voice of those who would benefit most from this service, so that our energies are properly focused on the most valuable features possible.

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