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Imagine yourself ten years from now. You’re sitting in your favorite chair, reading your favorite book. It’s the story of your walk of faith. Imagine that story having the kind of detail that brings you right back to feeling how you felt in those key moments of your walk. Imagine welling up with tears, reading the times when you felt you were faltering in your walk – when you felt lost – and reading and reflecting on how your heavenly Father had purpose through it all and lifted you back into communion with Him. Imagine re-experiencing the strength and the passion of the times when you were absolutely on fire for the Lord.

Our favorite stories are those that evoke emotion; the stories that affect us to our core. What could possibly affect you more emotionally than reading and reflecting on your walk with Christ? The hindsight itself gives us the perspective to see things that we didn’t see as we experience each moment with Him. That story would most certainly be your most prized earthly possession.

If you have accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior, then He is working in your life. Would you risk losing clarity about how God has worked in your life when you need it most – during the times of testing? Testing is not for passing or failing, but for growth. When your faith is put to the test, your clarity about how God has worked in your life and all that you’ve learned from Him could mean the difference between a period of testing for a day or week, and a period of testing for years!

Don’t Lose What’s Most Important

Consider sitting with the most respected and experienced mentor in your field of interest, and walking away without any notes. How much do you think you would remember in a day? A week? A year? You may remember one or two things that really stuck with you, but you definitely wouldn’t remember any level of detail, and most of the time, success is in the details.

Now consider sitting with that mentor for 15 or 30 minutes per day. How successful would you be without taking notes? Quite likely, you would end up rehashing the same lessons over and over, because it takes repetition to learn a new skill successfully. If you had organized notes to refer back to, you would be able to review at any time, refer to them when you’re in a situation that called for insight and wisdom, and follow the guidance from the mentor without having to learn the hard way.

There are many widely regarded benefits of journaling, even from a purely secular perspective. How much more important, then, is journaling your relationship with, and learning from, Christ?

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If you’re in doubt, pray to Christ, your teacher, see how His Spirit leads, and obey his call or command.

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