Every Christian Needs a Blog – Part 2

In draft form…

  1. Power
    1. The very act of journaling brings with it a higher level of engagement in the learning, which results in greater insights and retention.
    2. Focused attention on the Lord will be rewarded with wisdom and blessing.
  2. Protection –
    1. Journaling can provide you with authenticity of God’s presence in your life and your relationship with Him.
    2. Your journal becomes your greatest treasure on earth, because it is your own testimony to God’s tangible presence and impact on your life.
    3. There will be trial, and your journal becomes an invaluable resource to ensure that your trial doesn’t last any longer than it needs to. It does this by serving as a point of remembering His instruction to you personally, as well as a more effective means of prayer.
  3. Fellowship
    1. Your journal becomes a way for those that care about you in Christ to provide Biblical council and guidance.
    2. It’s one thing to email someone you know for their council. It’s another thing to proclaim your living relationship with Christ as an example to others who desire the same thing, but aren’t quite there yet.

Journaling allows you to express yourself in ways that you may not otherwise do. Introverts can express themselves on paper.

God provides wisdom in different ways to different people. They all come from the same truths, but the wisdom He shares with you is presented in a way that is most applicable for you, at any period of time. Journaling this wisdom allows you to see His personal touch on your life. It also allows others to benefit from the perspective God has provided in your personal day-to-day life. You have a unique perspective, and a unique approach that others will find very helpful to them in their communion with Christ. It’s not the only perspective and approach that provides communion with Him, but there are other people out there like you who share similar experience and perspective that God may want to bless by your journal.

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